Moon Man No Coast Pale Ale - New Glarus Brewing Company, New Glarus

New Glarus Moon Man
Pale Ale
Serving Type: 
Alcohol by Volume: 
Grassy, citrus hops up front. Just a hint of pale malt
Clear, light golden body with a foamy white head
Light sweet citrus hop flavor, very little bitterness. A little thin at time but quite refreshing for a Pale Ale
Thin bodied, light carbonation. Smooth texture and very easy to drink

It is a rare occasion when I'm able to pull a bottle of New Glarus from the fridge. I recently came across a number of bottles of various New Glarus beers and just couldn't wait to dive in. Hoping to save the best for last I decided to start with what I saw as the low hanging fruit of the haul. New Glarus' Moon Man is a Pale Ale that clocks in right at 5% ABV. It has a light aroma which does a great job of showcasing the sweet citrusy hops in this beer. Overall I thought the aroma and appearance of this beer were mediocre at best, I felt good about my decision to knock this beer out first.

This New Glarus Moon Man didn't look or smell all that interesting but what it lacked in aroma and appearance it more than made up for with a great flavor. The thing I liked most about the Moon Man was the great hop flavor this beer has. I usually harp on Pale Ales and IPAs for being too hoppy, when I really mean they are too bitter. This bottle of Moon Man is proof that you can use hops in a way that showcases the flavor hops can impart, rather than just bittering up your beer.

The aroma of this beer hinted at a citrusy sweet component that I found alongside the hops. Sweet pale malt and lemon zest flavors make up the flavor base of this beer. The downside to having so many delicate flavors in a Pale Ale is that the texture leaves a bit to be desired. As the carbonation dissipated I found this beer to be flatter and thinner than I would have preferred. I doubt this will be a concern for most people as I was taking my time, writing notes in between each sip.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Moon Man and will gladly drink it again. This beer has a great simple flavor that will keep you refreshed and entertained as you make your way through your pint glass. Novice drinkers will find this beer welcoming and experts will appreciate it's simplicity.


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