Münchner Edelstoff - Augustinerbräu, Munich

Augustinerbräu Munchner Helles
Serving Type: 
Alcohol by Volume: 
Lightly hoppy and grainy. First thing that came to mind was "rice"
Clear and very light in a color
Mild hops, very little malt. Nicely balanced and very clean flavor.
Light bodied, a few bubbles.
Overall Impression: 
True to the Helles style, the Edelstoff is clear and clean tasting. Great for summer afternoons in the biergarten.

I still remember my first Augustiner beer, it was in Munich at the Augustinerbräu brewery in 2006. Augustiner was actually the first beer I had on tap in Germany so for that, and many other reasons, it will always have a special place in my heart. About a month ago I was at Gomer's in midtown and saw a couple funny looking bottles in the singles section and was surprised to see that they were actually from Augustiner in Munich. I didn't recognize these new labels, they're a tri-colored picture of an old monk with a look of approval on his face. I hope the packaging is local and the squat bottles are still in circulation elsewhere. But, whatever... the label doesn't change the way the beer tastes. So how was it? Well, it tastes just like I remember... which is to say, it tastes like Germany.

My first impression of the Edelstoff as I poured it from the Americanized 12 ounce bottle was, "This smells like rice..." It was quite clear and very light in color. But after all, this is a Helles style beer and since that's the German word for Light/Bright, it's rather fitting. The taste is where this beer excels. The flavor is lightly hoppy but balanced with just a little hint of malt. The aftertaste is a little fruity, almost as if the beer is trying to evoke a Weiss. When these flavors combined on my palate I was taken back to the biergartens of Germany. Back to that first summer I spent in Bavaria. Back then I wasn't able to appreciate the Helles as much as I do now (it's amazing how much better this beer tastes in the middle of a 95+ degree Kansas summer). Before you start thinking that I'm being too sentimental about this particular bottle of Augustinerbräu, let me tell you that I've had a number of American made Helles style beer and they simply don't stack up. I'm not sure what is, perhaps it's just the beers that I've had or an unconscious and unfair comparison to a Helles I had in Germany... take your pick.

The Augustiner Helles is really more than just a combination of barley, hops and water... This beer honestly tastes like Viktualienmarkt, the Englischer Garten and my fondest memories of Germany.


where can I get Augustine Helles beer in Denver????

spent far to much time at the Hied Haus Augustine in Muchen and fell in love with the Augustine Helles can I get in Denver somewhere????????

StAugustine in BOulder,co

Liquor Mart in Boulder has it $16/6x12 oz - ouch

Augustiner Bier

Have been to Europe many times and always make it a point to stay in Salzburg and Munich. Was just there then end of October and the first of November. In salzburg always go to the Monks Brewery each night and when in Munich go to the brewery there. If there is a way to get the beer here in Houston, I would be so happy. Thought about sending a keg home from Munich but did not get to do that. So is there a way to get the beer here in the US. Does anyone emport the beer and if so how to reach them.
Also is there a way to get some souvenir items with their name and logo on some sort of Polo shirt or T shirt?

Would appreciate any help.

Ausustiner is the best beer in Europe

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