Quelque Chose - Unibroue, Chambly

Unibroue Quelque Chose
Dark Ale
Serving Type: 
Alcohol by Volume: 
Cherries, very medicinal, licorice and a little bit of funky yeast
Faded red body with brown undertones. No head at all
A little like cherry cough syrup. Unique flavor, not tart or sour... mostly sweet with an almost minty Dark Ale backbone
Smooth, almost no carbonation. Texture is much thinner than expected but never watery

I don't bring many Unibroue beers home with me. In fact, I've only written about one other Unibroue beer and that was over two years ago. I hold Unibroue is pretty high regard and often order a Unibroue when I'm out at a restaurant with a decent selection. For some reason though I tend to glance over the Quebec section when I'm at the liquor store. This bottle of Quelque Chose caught my eye yesterday, probably because it looked unfamiliar. I don't think I've ever heard of this beer before and the bottle text convinced me it was worth taking home. The Quelque Chose is a Dark Ale and Brown Ale blend brewed with cherries.

The Quelque Chose pours a not quite reddish Rosé color and settles into the glass a few shades darker. There's absolutely no carbonation in this bottle at all. The cork slid right out with no audible pop or hiss and no amount of vigorous pouring would coax out any fizz, foams or suds.

The aroma of this beer is pretty interesting. The Quelque Chose definitely smells of cherries but there's a medicinal character to it that seems a little out of place. My best guess is that the Dark Ale component of this beer had a lot of estery yeast flavor and when that was combined with the cherries it turned into something quite different... It ends up smelling like a cherry licorice cough syrup, not exactly what I was expecting but not exactly discouraging either.

The Quelque Chose's flavor is a bit like the aroma, more different than the sum of its parts would lead you to expect. This beer is said to be 50% Dark Ale and 50% Brown Ale with cherries. The appearance and flavor seem to indicate the Dark Ale is almost entirely diluted by the cherry ale. The Dark Ale's last gasp seems to have been turning the sweet cherry flavor into this oddly medicinal and almost minty bastardization. It sounds bad, and the flavor is a bit surprising at first, but it isn't all that unpleasant. It's an interesting flavor combination, one that definitely grew on me.

For all of it's uniqueness I'm left wondering if I'd ever drink this beer again. Sure, I'd grab a bottle to share with others just out of curiosity, but I can't really see myself bringing another bottle home to kick back and relax with. If you've got a hankering for something completely different, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this beer. My only caveat would be that this beer is a little bizarre at first...


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