Certified Evil - Lucky Bucket Brewing Co., La Vista

Lucky Bucket Certified Evil
Strong Dark Ale
Serving Type: 
Alcohol by Volume: 
Dark roasted Quadruple. Hints of fruit that used to be tart
Thick dark body with a manila colored head of suds and a little lacing
Odd. Light oak, slight sour twang and mild bitterness
Very thin for a double digit ABV beer. I was expecting something much thicker

This beer has been peering out at me from the back of the fridge for a couple weeks now... I think this beer is a survivor of a craft beer house party we had two months ago, but (like any good house party) I don't really remember a whole lot of details about that night. I knew no other details about this beer, other than the fact that Lucky Bucket is somewhere in Nebraska, so I decided to open this bottle up in case the beer inside wasn't meant to age more than a few months. What I found inside was definitely evil...

This bottle's cap says it's a twist off but no amount of grimacing and shredding of flesh could make its cap budge. I finally decided to pry the damned thing off, thinking the pressure inside maybe caused the seal to tighten, but there was no hiss of escaping CO2 when the cap was removed.

The Certified Evil pours a dark black color and foams up a bit when poured into your glass. The head quickly fades away and you're left with a mostly flat dark beer that smells like a sour wooden coffee barrel. This is somewhere between odd and unique. The aroma is familiar in a sense, but completely weird at the same time.

My first sip of this beer was ...interesting. For a 12.5% ABV Strong Dark Ale I was expecting a bold Belgian style beer with all that sour, coffee and oak flavor the aroma eluded to. Not much of that translated to the flavor this beer though, it was a little sour and had a hint of oak but the rest of the beer didn't strike me as strong or dark at all.

This beer is dangerously easy to drink, being only slightly sour, slightly bitter and thin bodied. There's no hint of alcohol in the flavor of this beer. It's a really mean trick Lucky Bucket is playing on drinkers of this beer. You might even call it Evil.


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