Brasserie Fischer

Basserie Fischer - Biere d'Alsace

Basserie Fischer - Biere d'Alsace

Fischer Traditional Amber - Brasserie Fischer, Schiltigheim

Fischer Traditional Amber

I thought I knew what I was getting into with this beer when I saw it at the store. It's an amber, a style I'm familiar with - and it's got a German name, a country I'm familiar with. That should have been the tip off that something wasn't quite right. The Germans don't make amber beers... at least not the kind of red and hoppy ambers we've got in the states. I was surprised when I went to pour a glass of this Fischer Traditional Amber when I noticed the fine print on the label... it's from France, not Germany. Nothing bad about that, the French make some good beers. This beer is from the Alsace, a particularly German area of France so maybe the name wasn't deceiving so much as it was coincidental... Well, the surprises didn't stop there.

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