Black IPA

Bashah - BrewDog Ltd, Fraserburgh

BrewDog and Stone Collaboration - Bashah

This bottle of Bashah has been sitting in my basement for almost a year. I picked it up in Colorado last fall mostly because I'd never seen it before. I passed it up in favor of other beers in my basement until now because I haven't had a whole lot for Stone or BrewDog that I thought all that highly of. Bashah is a collaborative Belgian-style Black Double IPA, which means it doesn't really have a style at all... It seemed like a bit of a wildcard and I knew enough about BrewDog and Stone's style to err on the side of aging so the bitterness in this beer would die down a little. Well, I think more than enough time has passed, let's open this beer up...

Back in Black - 21st Amendment Brewery, San Francisco

21st Amendment Black in Black

Black IPAs are a trend I've noticed picking up steam lately, and I couldn't be happier. I say that now after having drank my way through this Black in Black from 21st Amendment in San Francisco. Had I been asked for my opinion of Black IPAs even an hour ago, it would have been a bit different. If I'm known for one thing it'd have to be my "hatred" of IPAs and all things hoppy. Breweries who already make two or three different kinds of IPAs and are releasing Black IPAs on top of their regular line up? That seems like overkill... especially considering I tend to enjoy one out of every ten or so IPAs I drink anyways... I kept an open mind and poured myself a glass of Back in Black. I'm glad I did.

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