Maximator - Augustinerbräu, Munich

Augustinerbräu Maximator Doppelbock

My first run in with the Maximator was in 2006 during a short stay in Munich. It was right before I moved to Bamberg, thus before I knew anything about beer at all. So there I was, in Augustinerbräu's Bierhalle on Landsberger Straße, having just spent the last 6+ hours walking around Munich. I was hungry and exhausted from all the walking so I decided to stop into the brewery for a bite to eat and a beer before walking back to the hostel. I ordered a plate of brats and their seasonal Easter beer, the Maximator. It sounded pretty cool and it was the special so I figured 'When in Rome' ...or 'When in Munich' might have been more appropriate. What I didn't realize was that Easter seasonal Doppelbocks were especially strong beers that were brewed to tide over the monks who had to fast all day. What I came to learn is that those old monks had a much higher tolerance than a half-starved American tourist.

Münchner Edelstoff - Augustinerbräu, Munich

Augustinerbräu Munchner Helles

I still remember my first Augustiner beer, it was in Munich at the Augustinerbräu brewery in 2006. Augustiner was actually the first beer I had on tap in Germany so for that, and many other reasons, it will always have a special place in my heart. About a month ago I was at Gomer's in midtown and saw a couple funny looking bottles in the singles section and was surprised to see that they were actually from Augustiner in Munich. I didn't recognize these new labels, they're a tri-colored picture of an old monk with a look of approval on his face. I hope the packaging is local and the squat bottles are still in circulation elsewhere. But, whatever... the label doesn't change the way the beer tastes. So how was it? Well, it tastes just like I remember... which is to say, it tastes like Germany.

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